We believe that AI is the next driver of growth for your organization and the world.

It is from this conviction that we began our mission several years ago to build Trendskout and make it the first machine learning platform for sales & marketing and digital marketing. We are dedicated in unleashing the power of AI, state of the art and further development, for the benefit of everyone and not just the happy few.

We believe that humans are happier employees when they do not need to bother with repetitive tasks, and organizations can save money by automating these tasks and win more when their workers are happier.

We believe that the applications of AI are limited by the number of data scientists in an organization. We have built Trendskout around the premise that machine learning capabilities should be available without coding.

We believe that AI is the answer for the many challenges modern organizations face when optimizing their marketing efforts. Only AI is able to take real-time actions based on complex data where it counts.

We believe that employees in organizations have many ideas on how to automate on optimize processes, and that a digital AI assistant like Trendskout is the ideal companion to turn these into success drivers for their organization.

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