Create new growth for your organization

Benefit from the hidden value in your  data through ready to use AI and win with advanced automation and better decision making.

Reach the next level of operational excellence

With Trendskout you benefit from insights and automation opportunities AI has to offer, applicable to a countless number of domains with ease. Trendskout is the only platform that offers ready to use AI, with a visual interface and no coding required. 

Sales & (Digital) Marketing
Predict when customers and leads are making a decision or are becoming less interested. Use these insights to define intelligent actions triggered on the right moment to benefit from these opportunities. Increase return on your marketing budget and -efforts by executing the right actions and content at the right time with more relevant customer interactions.

Customer service & Administration
Reduce costs with automated AI driven customer service. AI crunches all your customer service data and offers customers the personalized answer they need across all channels 24/7, in a fraction of the time. Increase customer retention with faster responses and consistent high quality experiences.

Industry 4.0 & Operations
Manage maintenance operations with predictive maintenance, optimize task schedules or embed AI in other operation areas to perform intelligent automations at scale. 

Trendskout can be used for a broad set of domains and use cases. Whether it's about HR, IT, Finance or other fields of your interest; reach out and discuss with us on how Trendskout can help you achieve your goals.

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Trendskout is flexible in deployment across several application areas. Sales, digital marketing, customer service, operations, supply chain… Use our ready to use AI to quickly define new intelligent actions or perform advanced analyses to uncover new value for your organization.