Benefit from the full value of your business data with automated insight discovery. Trendskout’s AI & Machine Learning engine uses the newest AI and Machine Learning techniques to detect the hidden information in your Customer & Operational data.

See what’s really impacting your business goals. Define your goals with KPI’s or other business measures, and let Trendskout present you optimizations and impact analyses, whether it’s about operations or customer centric processes.


Predictive AI. Trendskout creates predictive models, based on discovered insights in your data,  which are used for prediction and automation.

Evaluate millions of scenario’s. Get the best out of millions of scenarios. Trendskout crunches numerous simulations and analyses on your data, providing the most complete and detailed insights. In a fraction of the time a human would need.


Automated action flows. Define several actions in Trendskout based on predictive model outcomes, whether it’s texting a customer or team, sending data to another application, changing the content of your website, triggering an action etc.

Link automation flows to create powerful automation networks.

Prescriptive analytics. Trendskout advises you how to optimize certain business goals, based on insights from your data and predictive models.


Visual reporting. Trendskout uses visuals with advanced reporting features to answer your most important questions.

See historical insights and trends. Trendskout reruns analyses and compares the different results and notifies you of significant changes and trend evolutions.

Dashboards. Bring different analyses together in one dashboard to quickly see the highlights.


Made for business users. Unleash the power of advanced AI and Machine Learning analytics to all of your business. No coding skills required to create a Trendskout analysis.

Automated data preparation. No need for complex data preparations. Trendskout is made to use the data you have right now.

Flexible deployment. Trendskout is available as a SaaS offering, or a private on-premise setup.


Use the data format you like best. Trendskout is compatible with several databases, Excel spreadsheets, data warehouses and many 3rd party applications.

API Our API & plugin architecture enables integration with your website-data, 3rd party systems, IoT set-up and many other parts of your digital organization.

Share insights. Easily share insights, or export them to a presentation.