Automate your Business with code-free Machine Learning

Making AI work for you

A Ready to Use Machine Learning & AI Platform. No coding required and fully automated.

Organizations use Trendskout’s Machine Learning engine to reduce operational costs through automation, increase sales & marketing efficiency, eliminate manual overhead or offer a tailored digital experience.

Next level business automation and insight discovery

Sales & Marketing

Easily create flows to automate sales actions with user friendly AI, and our extensive 3rd party integration possibilities. Discover new market behaviour with Trendskout insight discovery and create action flows to anticipate on them.

Operations & Production

Improve operational excellence by connecting your current data & systems with Trendskout’s autonomous Predictive capabilities, and benefiting from automated workflows, increased insights and less tedious work.

Digital marketing

Increase engagement with AI-triggered actions & communication, providing customers with tailored interaction. Increase customer centricity with deep insights in customer behaviour, across all channels and different touch points.

Integration Eco-System

Trendskout is a user friendly Machine Learning platform that provides plenty of integration options. Ranging from spreadsheet upload, database connections, custom API's to plugins with 3rd party systems. These plugins & API’s enable both data integration, and action triggers in those external systems.

How organizations win with scalable ready to use AI

Gain Insight, Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs & Win

Reduction in hours spent on repetitive tasks*
Increase in Customer Engagement*
Reduction in Operations costs*

* Effects measured on processes and tasks automated through Trendskout

Trusted by global and local brands

See the Full Picture

Organisations are heavily digitized and have massive amounts of data in their databases, site tracking tools, CRM’s etc. but still rely on mainly manual processes to analyse that data. This introduces human error and puts you at risk of not discovering everything there is to know about your customers or operations. Benefit from the full value of your data.

AI Powered Insight Discovery

Trendskout’s patented (pending) AI and Machine Learning Engine crunches your data by itself and presents visual trends and insights about your customers, prospects, marketing & operations. Whether your business goal is to optimize your sales funnel, lower operational costs or build detailed prospect profiles, Trendskout is hassle-free and made for business users.